Sequence module

The sequence module contains functions related to sequence, trajectory and region. The toolkit defines a region as a description of a set of pixels in an image frame, a trajectory as a list of regions that can either describe groundtruth annotations or tracker result, and a sequence as a combination of a list of images, their corresponding groundtruth annotations and additional metadata.

Sequence descriptor

Each sequence is described using a sequence descriptor structure. The structure contains the following fields:

Most of the values in the descriptor are determined from the content of the sequence directory.

Trajectory format

The stored output of the tracker (the final combined trajectory) is encoded as text file where a region for each frame is encoded as comma-separated list. The absolute coordinates of a region have an origin in the top-left corner of the image with coordinates 0,0. Currently there are three types of region formats that are supported by the system.

Module functions





These functions are used to maniputate visualization information for sequences.