VOT toolkit documentation

This is the official documentation for the Visual Object Tracking (VOT) challenge toolkit. The toolkit is a set of Matlab (Octave compatible) scripts that estimate the performance of visual object trackers.

The official code repository is available on Github. You can also subscribe to the VOT mailing list to receive news about challenges and important software updates.

Platform support

The toolkit is written in Matlab language with a strong emphasis on Octave compatibility as well as support for multiple versions of Matlab (at the moment it was tested with versions from 2011 to 2015).

The code should work on Windows, Linux and OSX, however, it is hard to verify this on all versions and system configurations. If you therefore find that there are some issues on your computer setup, submit a bug report at Github as soon as possible.

Inquiries, Question and Comments

If you have any further inquiries, question, or comments, please use the official support forum. If you would like to file a bug report or a feature request, use the Github issue tracker.


For better understanding, here are some definitions of important terms that are used in the documentation:


The toolkit contains of several interdependent modules: